b. 1985 USA

Is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

His book Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast was published by Nestucca Spit Press in April, 2014.

James Herman’s work deals with the ways in which we inhabit space and the natural environment. Herman lives in a house that he built himself, thoughtfully placed into the existing environment. Because of this his processes, materials, and language become applicable to both the worlds of sculptural art and of formal architectural design. His reliance on found-materials and living inside of his work contribute to the notion of being in the world that allows him to experiment on and reconfigure his space over time, becoming a sculpture in itself. The ease and accessibility of the material processes and ways of building he employs, not only openly drawing from vernacular building techniques but also modernism, propagate this transformative and investigative way of existing that manifests both through living and working on and in a space.